The primary duty of a pension fund lawyer is to ensure that the trustees do the right thing. It is our practice to prepare for all of the boards of trustees which we represent, trustee handbooks which explain the general principles of fiduciary responsibility, as well as more specific principles regarding voting conflicts, compliance with open meeting laws, conflict of interest laws, etc. We regularly apprise the boards of trustees through newsletters, memoranda and other vehicles of changes in the law, both legislatively and judicially, which impact upon their duties. We also conduct training workshops to improve the trustees’ skills in conducting disability and other benefit hearings. As a result of our regular participation and educational programs on a monthly basis, all of the materials prepared as speaker materials for those programs are distributed without additional charge to our clients. Our firm provides its clients, at no cost, an annual pension conference held in South Florida. This national event draws internationally known legal and financial experts and is attended by more than 200 trustees and administrators from throughout the United States.

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