Since 1999, Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen & Levinson has hosted an annual conference designed to provide educational training, at no out-of-pocket expense, to its clients. The firm began this program as it believes that the continuous education of pension fund administrators and trustees is a significant part of its fiduciary responsibility.

Through the years, conference topics have included pension asset investment, actuarial science, plan governance, pending legislative initiatives throughout the country, securities litigation, pre-retirement counseling, federal tax issues relating to public pensions, a survey of relevant case decisions in state and federal courts and much more.

To help partially offset part of the cost of the conference, and to enable us to continue to provide this educational opportunity with no registration fees to its clients, the firm enlists the financial and educational assistance of well-known pension service providers, many of which provide services to pension funds around the country.

With an increasing number of states legislatively requiring continuing education for pension trustees and senior staff, the conference has become a respected source of information within the public pension community. In addition, following the conference, all presentation material is made available to the general public on the firm’s website at no cost.

For information about our client conference please contact our conference coordinator Dana Kornfeld at